Sean Tizzle currently Trending on twitter for the wrong reason ?

“The Perfect Gentleman” singer, Sean Tizzle has got twitter buzzing this morning.
The Difference entertainment artiste in a tweet expressed his disappointed at Adele on the original version of her latest song “Hello”.
Sean Tizzle is of the opinion that Nigerian singer, Omawumi did better and deserves to be celebrated.
He is unhappy at the manner in which Africans (Nigerians), place international stars above the local ones.
Read Some Reactions of Nigeria Twitter users!
SOTERIOPHOBIC ‏@UndCoverBrother: God will sha judge all of una wey pour sand sand for Sean Tizzle garri today. The niqqa just wan set p and una blow am!
@4ukyhu: So cos Sean tizzle shared his opinion you are saying he can’t sing. Ya mad, go listen to his album.
Sandra Esor ‏@SandraEsor_: You people should leave Sean Tizzle alone. On this Twitter you cannot have your own view of sth, it has to be what majority wants.
Ferdinand ‏@Burmese_Tyga: Wait first….Sean Tizzle is the one that looks like a reptilian version of Davido yeah?
Sarcasm✌ ‏@TWEET_BENDER: But you Nigerians take things too serious. Someone can’t just smoke weed in peace and tweet.
Yoruba god ‏@OluwaSwizzhits: Ok, Sean Tizzle drops his ‘opinion’ and y’all decided to throw insults and bring bleaching into the matter… Now i know the unsensible ones
Sean Tizzle was just being human
IG @snazzyrosie ‏@Rosychyk: How can someone be as mean as saying sean tizzle looks like malnourished davido…. lwkm!
Chidi Okereke ‏@Chydee: LOL. I’m just here wondering how Adele made a weak version of her own song. Logic of Sean Tizzle

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