Don’t stampede Buhari on restructuring —Okadigbo’s associate

Political associate of late Dr. Chuba
Okadigbo, Mr. Melville Ebo has advised
those calling for the restructuring of the
country not to stampede President
Muhammadu Buhari into taking rash
decisions on the issue. Ebo who was a
one-time South-East Zonal Secretary of
the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party
(ANPP), stated this during an interaction
with the newsmen in Abuja.
He said that the serious issues Buhari
met in office necessitated the need for
support to the President by all Nigerians
in order to give the country a new
"But for Buhari, corruption, impunity in
business, politics, education and social
life, would have destroyed the Country",
Ebo said. Ebo also said that while
discussions on the future of Nigeria were
desirable, the proponents of restructuring
must never distract the President from
the serious issues on ground as he
insisted that all Nigerians would be
losers if the country disintegrates. He
described most of the apostles of
restructuring as 'fifth columnists' who he
said were laying mines for the President
and at the same time, waiting in the
wings to contest for political power. Ebo
called such people ''dishonest agitators"
who according to him, were not
genuinely committed to the advancement
of the country. Ebo further advised Biafra
agitators to retreat for what he called an
introspection on the progress the Igbos
had made since after the civil war. He
warned that this progress must never be
toyed with by those he said had no clear
agenda on the future of Ndigbo. He
expressed the view that it would favour
the Igbos most if Nigeria survived as a
united country since, according to him,
Nigeria's large size would mean a large
market for Igbo businesses across the

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