I will not stop criticizing Buhari's APC government - Fayose

Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose on
Friday said he would not stop being vocal in
his criticism of the All Progressives
Congress-led government despite attempts
to keep him silent.
Fayose was the guest on a personality
programme on Fresh FM in Ibadan where he
alleged that APC had deployed powers
within its reach to intimidate him because of
his criticism of the Federal Government.
He said "I am being persecuted because I
am vocal. Why some of us are talking today
is because if we betray the masses, God will
not forgive us. That is why people like us
have to exhibit courage to speak the truth.
And if you notice, they are leaving no stone
unturned to cage me from commenting, but
that cannot be possible. They cannot win
this war.
"I can't keep quiet, they can't shut my
mouth. I am being persecuted but
unfortunately I am becoming more popular.
To this government, anybody in APC is
considered as saint, but PDP people are
rogues. That's why you see some of our
people crossing to their side and
immediately, they become saints."
The governor claimed to be the last man
standing, adding that people like Femi Fani-
Kayode had been kept quiet and that the
next step for the APC government was to kill
the Peoples Democratic Party in Nigeria.
"What I want Nigerians to ask the Federal
Government, which is currently prosecuting
some people over alleged fraudulent
campaign money, is that who financed their
own election campaign or where did they get
their own funding for the election?"
Speaking on the money found in his account
during the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission's investigation, Fayose said the
money credited to being in his account was
N300m, which was on fixed deposit, and
N82m in cash deposit.
He said, "The money in my account is
N300m, which I made public in my asset
declaration form. That is why the court,
which is the last hope of a common man,
freed my man who was in their net and the
court even awarded a N5m damages against
the government. We can't continue like this.
"My concern has always being that economy
must be the priority of any government.
People are hungry, the economy is bad. The
brake of our economy has relapsed. No
business seems prospective again. It's not
about the vehicle but the driver, it is about
the head. The hardship is getting harder.
Nigerians are not investing in the economy
because of fear, same things as foreigners.
There is threat on the capital.
"The APC presidential team campaigned
with a private jet, is that free? They also
spent heavily for their elections, where did
they get their money? People are
complaining seriously in the country, as for
me, we have entered one chance with this
current government. They took us into a lift,
closed the door and they switch off the
source of power supply, that is exactly what
is really happening," said Fayose.

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