New Music :Mr-Buzzy x Dany-Whyte – Lo Dun Tun Tun (New Year) -

Mr Buzzy Is a Young Talented Artist With His Unique Voice And Style
He Drops His New Sing Titled “New Year“ Which Features A young And Promising Yoruba Rapper
Dany Whyte Am Sure This Song Will Get You On Your Feet
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MUST SEE PHOTOS: life lost & properties worth millions destroyed in Abuad Ekiti state student riot . #ABUAD

Reports getting to us from Afe Babalola University, Ekiti State. Although, full details and reason for the clash have not been confirmed yet but a student told us that it was pandemonium in the school last night as Abuad students decided to let the beast out of them . A fight that started among students turned out to be a general riot against the school.

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