"We could all wear shirt and jeans and equally look the same. But it's a matter how you choose to wear it."

An excerpt from this interesting piece with Wavy the creator. I like to refer to her as an artist without the E. A creative soul , basked in the glory of fashion, photography, film, graphics and music.
Operating in a market that leans towards commercial (Street) music, she channels her energy towards focusing on sharing her music to an audience that goes "Jiggy" with her, accepting her sound and the vibe she passes across.

::: Hello Wavy. How are you?
Wavy The Creator: Jiggy as always::: Who's the artiste behind the name "Wavythecreator" and why the name? 
Wavy The Creator: rah same artist with or without the name.  Just a young lad trying to scheme everyone into loving my art. While I get rich, other than that.  Just a young creative trying to put out what I understand as art
Wavy The Creator: I got the name when I recorded my first track 2 years ago
Wavy The Creator: my friend who wanted me on the track thought my sound was wavy and it stuck

::: Taking it back, what was the track called and what would you say is that unique entity that makes your art different from others ?
Wavy The Creator:  Track was called purple dank 👀, not sure if it was ever released. I think putting myself completely into my art is what makes it different. We could all wear shirt and jeans and equally look the same but it's a matter how you choose to wear it

::: We've heard of artistes who found music from right when they were kids. We've also heard of artistes who say they got into music by mistake and fell in love with the art. What would you say was your own calling to music ?
Wavy The Creator: When I was ready for music it found me and I Followed

::: First official single, How was the recording process and what inspired it?
Wavy The Creator:  First single was high.. and really we caught a vibe and recorded a jiggy track, produced by a genius HOD::: How has the reception been  for HIGH and as a "Jiggy" track, what really was the inspiration behind it?
WavyThCreator: Recording songs for me is always about the vibe. Once there is a vibe and a connection to the track, everything else flows. The song pretty much describes the feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and there is an undeniable connection. The reception has been fantastic and it keeps coming.

::: Wavythecreator is seen to be more than an "artiste". The term artist best describes you as you are very well saturated in the creative life – Taking pictures, Fashion, Music and cinematography. Are these things you've always wanted to be doing or they somehow just happened? 
WavyTheCreator: Well I was doing all of that before music waltzed in. I started out with a fashion brand in college caked AZIF, then photography, film, graphics and music.::: Which one do you personally enjoy the most??
WavyTheCreator: Everything really, that's where the balance comes in

::: The Nigerian market appears to lean towards commercial and "Street" as they call it. What challenges have you and do you have to face ? 
Music is a form of expression and people will either accept or reject whatever you choose to express. I Channel my energies to focusing on sharing the music and whoever accepts it understands it and whoever doesn't come to that understanding.
I had the chance to perform at OLIC 4 at Teslim stadium. There were a few challenges trying to win the crowd but I could tell who understood and who didn't and rocked with those who did. It was a vibe.::: What are your hopes for the future for yourself and rising artistes ?
Consistency and great content will allow a change for future artistes.

::: New Year, a proposed wavy 2018.  What major boxes are you hoping to tick in 2018?? 
WavyTheCreator: I have a number of goals set out. Pretty much pumped to share with you guys. There's a whole list of content I will be sharing this year and you guys will be part of it every step of the way.

::: A normal day in the life of WavyTheCreator when NOT recording?
WavyTheCreator: Really my day consists of completing tasks that needs to be done. I wake up, Meditate and pray and other things and the day starts. Also different things happen every day.

In 3 words, describe Wavy?
WavyTheCreator: Jiggy Things Only !

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Interview conducted by @PeterElosia_
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