Teenage pregnancy

Must Read!! Check out our latest update on teenage pregnacy!!!How do you think teenage pregnancy can affect your life? What do you think teenage pregnancy can bring about in your life? Read and find out our thought on how teenage pregnancy can as well affect the growing up of your baby!!

  1. EMOTIONAL CRISES: When you notice your period is missing, you tend to get nervous about it and this may lead to intense emotional crises. You may feel scared, anxious, frustrated and even boring as well.

  2. ACADEMICS: Teenage pregnancy is one of the reason for young girls drop out of school. And once you give birth, attending school become more difficult because you'll need to attend to your baby more. This may as well lead to poor academic performance.

  3. RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BABY'S FATHER: There is possibility that your boyfriend may desert you as soon as you tell him you are pregnant and this may lead to your baby growing up without having a relationship with his father.

  4. DEPRESSION : When you get to know you're pregnant may lead to depression. The reasons for depression can be from parent threat, all sorts of comment from your neighbour, and cold stares.

  5. MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS: Most teens do not seek medical treatment and care during pregnancy either due to shame or lack of parent support which is very risky. Lack of medical care during pregnancy may lead to Toxemia, Anemia, Placenta Previa, High Blood Pressure and Premature Delivery.

  6. DISCRIMINATION: As a pregnant teens, You may face ridicule from friend and family and you may as well face discrimination from teachers.

  7. WORRIES ABOUT THE FUTURE: As a pregnant teens, for the fact that you dont have knowledge on how to be a good mother mother, it may leads to uncertainty about the future and you may end up neglecting the baby.

  8. FINANCIAL ISSUES: Teenage pregnancy can lead to many financial problem. You may have to work in every areas of life to make ends meet just for you to ensure your baby is doing fine. You may even end up on the street with your baby Or be in a homeless, non-permanent living situation.

Teenage pregnancy can leads to many more implications in our social lives. How do you overcome the implications and emotional trauma during your teenage pregnancy? And dont forget to comment if you know of any teenager pregnancy real life story?





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